Quantum Empowerment Technology

Greetings One and All

Hello My Friends
I Am


These are wonderful times! Earth changes and personal growth have been a recurrent theme in recent years. With these changes happening so fast, it can be a challenge staying focused on what's really important. Our world is going through what can best be described  as a huge 'shift' in consciousness. I am here to assist you in this transition. Change is never something to be feared, especially when there is opportunity for growth.

If you find yourself questioning the changes taking place  in your life,  if it is all for your highest good, you are not alone. The difficulty lies not in asking  the questions ,  for that is why we are here. As we inhabit this planet of free-choice,  our purpose here is simply to learn, to grow, to have fun..to desire more! In fact you likely have faced many of life's challenges, simply not knowing what is coming next, and why things are moving so fast.

Many of life's greatest moments of growth and change  come to us when we embrace emotional and spiritual growth and move into a change of mind (consciousness) that opens doors to new opportunities for us. All of these 'shifts' of conscience represent a shift of energies, for that is what we are.

At the very core in our heart,  we have 'gut' feelings about important things to us...we feel the energies. We may not always listen to these messages, and for those of you who have been raised to be analytical and rely  on objective scientific criticism, these messages may not even register in your awareness anymore. The time has come to listen and feel the energies of life, embrace the earth changes and to use the tools of this new age.

Higher consciousness tools are my gift, and I share them with you. Being a Reiki Master for 22 years, working with healing energies all my life, I am here to tell you  that we all have a unique opportunity to live a higher vibration life. I work with higher consciousness tools of the Quantum Energy field to facilitate DNA Reprogramming. 

We now have the ability to delete those old programs from our memory banks once and for all, putting in place new and updated programs for manifestation of anything you are ready to become. The process is simple, quick, and easy using higher vibration energy enhanced by the process, enabling you to release the old programs with the greatest of ease.

You have available private sessions & ongoing classes on manifesting everything in life that you want now.